Our Patrons

We are fortunate to have delightful, supportive Patrons of the club.

Our Honorary Patrons are:

  • Mrs P Bartlett

  • Mrs S Wilkinson

  • Mr R W Lynes

  • Miss S Taylor

  • Mr S Potter

  • Mrs P Welch

  • Mrs J Woolston

Our Patrons are:

  • Mrs D Coleman

  • Mr & Mrs M Corrigan

  • Mrs J Dyer

  • Mr J Davies

  • Mr & Mrs Dyer

  • Ms J Ellis

  • Mr & Mrs P Freeman

  • Mr R and Mrs M Harris

  • Mr and Mrs C Haynes

  • Mrs and Mrs Heelis

  • Miss S Holden

  • Mr D Johnson

  • Mr D Neate

  • Mrs M Poolman

  • Mr and Mrs B Simpson

  • Mrs V Thomas

  • Mrs M Walsh

  • Mrs R Watkins

  • Mrs J Webber

Become a Patron

For just £7.50 per year for a household, you can become a patron of the group. This gives you priority booking before both Spring and Autumn productions to ensure you can get the best seats available. 

If you would like to become a patron, please contact us for further information.